Daniel Radcliffe wants gay kiss award after intimate sex scene

Radcliffe speaks about ‘intimate’ sex scene and kiss with Dane DeHaan in new movie about Allan Ginsberg and beat generation, Kill Your Darlings

Daniel Radcliffe wants gay kiss award after intimate sex scene
25 January 2013

Daniel Radcliffe wants his gay kiss with actor Dane DeHaan to win the MTV Best Kiss trophy at this year’s Movie Awards and to be immortalized for all time.

Radcliffe said it will be ‘cool’ for the ‘sincere, passionate and romantic’ kiss in his new movie, Kill Your Darlings, to win the award. He believes a gay kiss has never won before.

In the film, Radcliffe plays gay beat poet Allan Ginsberg who falls in love with Lucien Carr, another key member of the beat generation, played by DeHaan.

The plot follows their relationship and the killing that defined it.

Speaking to Vulture.com, Radcliffe was asked about the kiss, with the interviewer joking it would be ‘immortalized in animated GIFs until the end of time’.

‘You know, I think that will be wonderful!’ he replied. ‘Dane and I are banging the drum already because we want the MTV Best Kiss award.

‘We want that golden popcorn! To my knowledge, a sincere, passionate, romantic gay kiss has never won, so I think that would be a very cool thing for this movie to receive.’

Radcliffe has already said that filming a gay sex scene gave him ‘no discomfort’. And that his Harry Potter fans had already seen him ‘simulating sex on the back of a horse’ in the stage play of Equus ‘so this is a walk in the park’.

But he told Vulture.com that he did need some direction getting going with the gay sex scene.

He said: ‘My favorite John Krokidas direction moment was when we started kissing. I guess I was way too hesitant about it in the moment, and John just went, “No! Kiss him! Fucking sex kissing!” That was my favorite note that I’ve gotten, probably in my career.

‘The other important moment is when he’s about to start having sex with me from behind and I just grab him and turn myself over. John said that Allen would want to face him, that he would want it to be a still and intimate experience.’

He joked it was good to get the kissing out of the way, saying that he and DeHaan have since become great friends in real life.

He spent time before Christmas with DeHaan and his wife and they celebrated New Year’s together too.

‘On some sets, you get very close to people – it’s very intense and intimate when you’re shooting a film – and then the film ends and you don’t know if you’re going to stay in contact,’ Radcliffe explained.

‘So it’s really nice to count Dane as a very good friend.’

Radcliffe has long been a celebrity advocate of gay suicide prevention helpline the Trevor Project.

He believes Kill Your Darlings will be ‘really cool film for a gay youth to see’ because it will give them a glimpse of the challenges previous generations of gay people had to face.



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