Daniel Radcliffe: Why not all English men are gay

The Harry Potter star on American men, gay sex scenes and new film Kill Your Darlings

Daniel Radcliffe: Why not all English men are gay
22 January 2013

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has joked about Englishmen being seen as gay while filming for his new role as American beat poet Allen Gisberg in Kill Your Darlings.

On acting and living in America, Radcliffe told Out Magazine: ‘I was talking to someone about this and I said, "Why is it that when people meet English men in America they automatically think they’re gay?"

‘One of the girls explained to me it was because American men feel the need to in some way assert a sense of masculinity in everything they do, and British men don’t feel the same compulsion.’

In the interview, he said his attitude towards homosexuality is the prevalent one in his generation.

‘It’s just unfortunate that in the world of the Internet sometimes the angriest voices are the ones we hear the loudest,’ Radcliffe said.

‘But I can’t remember the last time I met somebody of my age who was bigoted.’

The Harry Potter star compared filming the sex scenes between Ginsberg and writer Lucian Carr to filming any other relationship, gay or straight, saying: ‘Well, yes, they are gay characters, but it’s just a love story.’

‘It wasn’t any more challenging than if you’re doing a [sexual] awakening scene with a girl.

‘At no point did any of us want to do anything that would distinguish it from how would fall in love with somebody – to my knowledge there is no difference in how heterosexual and homosexual people fall in love.

Hedescribed the relationship between Ginsburg and Carr as ‘incredibly universal’.

‘You meet someone who is far more confident, far more charismatic, and seemingly more intelligent than you, and you completely fall in love with them,’ Radcliffe said.

‘Then you actually outgrow them, and they come to resent you for it.

‘I think that the whole point of relationships is that they do absolutely move you on as a person.’

Kill Your Darlings was shown in previews at the Sundance Film Festival, and will be released in cinemas later this year.



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