Danish entry quits Mr Gay Europe over sexy photos

Mr Gay Denmark, Jobbe Joller, accuses European contest of perpetuating gay stereotype

Danish entry quits Mr Gay Europe over sexy photos
09 August 2012

The Danish entry for this year’s Mr Gay Europe has pulled out of the contest in Rome because it is ‘too sexual’.

Jobbe Joller says he withdrew from the beauty pageant, being held in the Italian capital from 7-12 August, because he was being asked to take part in events which conflicted with his moral principles.

In a statement on Facebook today (9 August), the 23-year-old said a ‘sexy car wash’ performance in front of an audience perpetuated a gay stereotype and was not why he originally entered the contest.

Another photoshoot also allegedly asked him to pose in a sex shop.

He said: ‘I believe that I won Mr Gay Denmark 2011 and was chosen to represent my country in Mr Gay Europe 2012  because of the messages that I try to spread. That message being you should be proud and happy with yourself, whether that’s gay, bisexual, transsexual and any other variation of living.’

‘I don’t believe anybody should have to go up against their own principles and convictions to get the message across about the exact same things. It doesn’t make sense,’ Joller added.

‘I don´t feel comfortable having to undress with sexual innuendoes to express exactly the opposite. That we gays are so much more.’

He says he is happy that he left the contest and refused to take part in the photo shoots before he crossed his ‘personal borderline’.

‘I feel proud that I did this in time. In time to still look myself and the gay environment in the eyes and say what I stand for – what I still stand for,’ he said.

However, Joller wished the other contestants luck and hoped the winner would use the title for ‘something meaningful’.

On the Mr Gay Europe website, Joller describes himself a ‘very private person’ who doesn’t enjoy the spotlight. He added that he wanted to win the contest because of his work in the gay community.



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