Darren Criss says we’ll see a very different Blaine on this season of Glee

'He has new ambitions to fill his time now that he's not spending time with Kurt'

Darren Criss says we’ll see a very different Blaine on this season of Glee
17 September 2012

The character of Blaine Anderson on Glee transfered to public school William McKinley High from the private Dalton Academy to be with his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel.

But now Kurt (played by Chris Colfer) has graduated and is off to New York City to pursue his dream of being a performer.

Darren Criss, the actor who plays Blaine, says Kurt’s absence from the McKinley campus gives Blaine the opportunity to spread his wings.

‘Kurt being away really does change the way Blaine acts in the day-to-day basis,’ Criss tells The Hollywood Reporter. ‘He has new ambitions to fill his time now that he’s not spending time with Kurt. He starts getting a little more ambitious with what he’s going to be doing at McKinley for his senior year now that Kurt’s not around anymore.’

First on Blaine’s agenda is running for student body president against the incumbent Brittany (Heather Morris) who is adjusting to life on campus without her girlfriend Santana who also graduated.

Says Criss: ‘Blaine will be singing Everybody Wants to Rule the World, the great Tears for Fears song which wraps up the student body election in a nice bow. He wants to rule the school and that’s his song that articulates that.’



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