David Cameron backs London bid to host 2018 Gay Games

UK Prime Minister has pledged to ensure gay athletes and their allies will be able to use the Olympic and Paralympic Games venues

David Cameron backs London bid to host 2018 Gay Games
11 January 2013

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has backed London’s bid to host the 2018 Gay Games today (11 January).

Ministers have pledged to help the organizers to negotiate the use of the Olympic venues for the competition, the Evening Standard reports.

London will go head to head with Paris, Orlando, Amsterdam and Limerick to stage the event.

More than 12,000 participants from at least 70 nations are expected to compete at what is often described as the ‘gay Olympics’.

The Prime Minister said: ‘The UK is currently bidding for the Gay Games in 2018 in London, which could give us something to cheer on that year, and I wish them every luck.’

Liberal Democrat and Equalities minister Helen Grant added: ‘My department wholeheartedly backs the bid to bring the 2018 Gay Games to London.’

Grant said the government is ready to facilitate discussions if necessary between the organizers and the owners of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, on using the venues.

The Gay Games, a week-long sports, cultural and human rights event, is staged every four years similar to the Olympics and Paralympics.

It welcomes everyone, of any sexual orientation, age, and ability to compete in up to 30 sports.

The next event will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2014. If you would like to check out an interview with the 2014 Gay Games executive director Tom Nobbe, click here.



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