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David Cameron to challenge Putin on Russia’s anti-gay laws

At the G20 summit in St Petersburg, the UK PM will speak to the Russian president in order to show the UK does not agree with homophobic legislation
David Cameron is to challenge Putin on his propaganda laws at the G20 summit.
Photo by Scott Nunn.

David Cameron is going to challenge Vladimir Putin on Russia’s anti-gay laws.

At this week’s G20 meeting in St Petersburg, the UK Prime Minister will reportedly speak to the Russian president about the law banning the promotion of ‘non-traditional relationships’ to children.

Margot James, a lesbian Conservative party member of parliament, tweeted the confirmation.

‘Europe Minister confirms that PM will raise anti gay discriminatory legislation and attacks on gay people with President Putin at the G20,’ she said.

The confirmation comes as a protest is planned at Downing Street later today (3 September).

Along with around 30 cities across the world, gay rights activists will be calling for all world leaders to condemn Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Peter Tatchell, director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, told Gay Star News: ‘This is a welcome commitment by David Cameron showing he’s listened to our concerns.

‘We hope that other G20 world leaders will also challenge Putin over Russia’s anti-gay law.

‘Today’s protest goes ahead to send the signal to Russian LGBT people that we stand with them in solidarity.

‘We also want to let Putin to know that London deplores his government’s homophobia and demands the repeal of anti-gay legislation.’

President Barack Obama is reportedly going to also meet with LGBT activists while he is in Russia, in an effort to show solidarity with the maligned gay community.

Earlier this year, it was revealed several schools had their own version of Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws.

Several academies, a recent pet policy of Cameron’s Conservative party, were found to have ‘Section 28’ style rules banning the promotion of homosexuality. Since it was revealed, the majority of these schools have promised to remove this from their policies.

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