David Cameron speaks out on World Pride

British Prime Minister's office has released a statement supporting World Pride in London

David Cameron speaks out on World Pride
07 July 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron has released a statement supporting World Pride in London today (7 July).

Despite the event having to cope with financial cutbacks, the resignation of the Pride London committee chair, and radically changed to keep down the crowds, people are still marching in Britain’s capital for gay rights.

As the march reached Trafalgar Square, the number 10 office released a statement from Cameron.

It says: ‘The UK has been judged to be the best country in Europe in which to live if you’re gay so it is great that World Pride is being celebrated here in London – especially during this Diamond Jubilee and Olympic year.’

Cameron said he was pleased the Mayor of London had ‘enabled the march’ to go ahead, and added he wanted to ‘thank all the volunteers who will be stewarding the event and contributing to it.’

He continued to say: ‘It is 40 years since people first marched in London calling for equal rights. Since then we’ve come a very long way and progress is still being made.

‘We have just finished consulting on how to introduce same sex marriage and we are working with countries across the globe to bring about greater equality.

‘I hope you all have a happy Pride and remember all those who have, and those who are still fighting for, greater rights and protection for the LGBT community.’

The Pride London committee and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson have been blasted for failing to organize World Pride properly.

Figures suggest that due to increased security measures, Pride London were unable to raise the money to have a proper festival.

World Pride will next take place in Toronto, Canada, in 2014. According to organizers, they have been planning it for the past four years.



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