David Cameron writes letter of thanks to ‘oldest gay in the village’

George Montague, in his 90s, was famously spotted driving his mobility scooter at 2009’s Brighton Pride

David Cameron writes letter of thanks to ‘oldest gay in the village’
21 July 2014

David Cameron has written a letter to congratulate the ‘oldest gay in the village’.

The affectionate moniker is George Montague’s, who was famously spotted driving his mobility scooter at 2009’s Brighton Pride.

In his 90s, he is one of the UK city’s most famous and loved citizens.

Montague sent the Prime Minister a copy of his new book, The Oldest Gay In The Village, to read.

In his accompanying letter, he thanked Cameron for introducing same-sex marriage and told him for the first time in his life he would be voting Conservative at the next General Election.

In his response, Cameron said: ‘I am proud of the Government’s record on promoting equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and particulary of having passed equal marriage into law.

‘Attitudes to same-sex marriage relationships have changed drastically over the years, moving from intolerance to widespread acceptance. The Government welcomes the change as we believe everyone should be free from prejudice based on their sexual orientation.

‘I understand that you have been involved in Gay Pride events for some years, and were at Pride in London this year, as well as being elected an Ambassador for Brighton Pride 2013.

‘Let me congratulate you for this, and your involvement in charity fundraising. Your commitment to the community is very impressive.’

Montague realised he was gay in his 20s when it was illegal to be gay. He married aged 37 and spent 20 years attempting to live a ‘normal life’.

But he couldn’t. In his mid-40s, he was convicted of being gay and paid a huge fine and made sure his name was kept out of the papers.

After they both realized they couldn’t do it anymore, they divorced 30 years ago and Montague began to live life as best he could.

Now happy and full of love, he now spends half his time in Brighton and half in Thailand with his partner of 16 years.

Montague is supporting the Brighton-based Rainbow Fund with proceeds from the sale of the book.



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