David Walliams had ‘gay experiences’ as a child

Britain's Got Talent judge has revealed he experimented as a teenager in his new autobiography

David Walliams had ‘gay experiences’ as a child
29 September 2012

Britain’s Got Talent judge and camp comic David Walliams has revealed he had ‘gay experiences’ as a child.

In an interview with The Sun to promote his new autobiography, the ‘Little Britain’ actor said he wanted to tell the story that people didn’t know about.

Referring to constant tabloid speculation about his sexuality, which Walliams has always joked about, he said people can have a sense of what you’ve been up to.

He said: ‘I know there is fascination with me because I’m camp, yet over the years I’ve been connected to some very beautiful women.

‘I’ve married a supermodel yet there I am on Britain’s Got Talent with Simon Cowell camping it up.’

Referring to his experiences as a teen, he added: ‘I guess I’m just very honest about my sexuality.

‘I had gay experiences as a child and remember being very confused about that.

‘I think there will still be people who will want it out of me, until the day I die.’

Walliams does not regret being frank about his childhood sexual awakening in the book, because it would have happened to a lot of other men and confused them too.

‘I’ve always been effeminate, and I think people confuse effeminacy with homosexuality, like they go hand-in-hand,’ he said.

‘But there are plenty of effeminate people who are straight, and plenty of butch people who are gay.’

Camp David, an autobiography by David Walliams, is available on 11 October.



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