Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey talks to Gay Star News about second Emmy win

'My dad said to me, "Now you know it wasn't a fluke"'

Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey talks to Gay Star News about second Emmy win
17 June 2013

The morning after his second Emmy win for his performance as gay teen Will Horton on Days of Our Lives, Chandler Massey was feeling grateful.

‘It’s been a gift. I’m just lucky to have been swept up on this wave,’ the actor told Gay Star News Monday (17 June). ‘It’s been such a thrilling ride.’

The scenes for which he won this time had Will kissing another guy for the first time then confiding in his maternal grandmother asking her if she thought he was gay.

Since then, the character has entered into a steady relationship while dealing with unexpectedly becoming as father after a one night stand with his ex-girlfriend.

‘The writers and producers are who crafted this story and made it really beautiful,’ Massey says. ‘I’m just the lucky guy who gets to say the lines.’

His second Emmy win came on his third nomination. The first win was a year ago and this time, Massey felt more in the moment.

‘It felt different but also the same,’ he says. ‘Last year, I felt that the moment before they announced the name lasted for an eternity. This year, it was quick and over in a flash. It was surprising and exhilarating and very fun. My dad said, "Now you know it wasn’t a fluke."’

Massey joined the show in 2010 after he had completed his first quarter as a freshman at UCLA. He says he wants to return to college and complete his degree after his contract is up in December.

‘That is my plan, that’s something I’ve always wanted to do,’ he says. ‘I came on Days and signed a four year contract and, in my mind, it was a commitment that you are going to do that for four years and that is how I’ve always viewed it. Days will always be a huge part of me but I don’t like thinking of myself as a college dropout.’

Just 22, Massey thinks it’s the perfect time in his life to experience college life.

‘I’ll have a backpack and a scooter that I ride to classes,’ he says, laughing. ‘I can still kind of fit in with the college kids. I can fool them.’

Of his years on the soap, Massey says: ‘There’s been ups and downs for me and for Will. Just like Will has become a stronger person and a more mature person and grown up on the show, i feel like I’ve grown up.’



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