Days of Our Lives two gay male characters to have romance

Chandler Massey confirms that Will is getting together with his pal Sonny

Days of Our Lives two gay male characters to have romance
25 July 2012

Chandler Massey, who won an Emmy last month for his performance as gay teen Will Horton on NBC’s Days of Our Lives, says his character will be embarking on his first real romance soon.

So far, Will has been seen on-screen kissing a guy named Neil (Jesse Kristofferson) who was instrumental is getting Will cleared of murder.

But Neil seems to be out of the picture and Will has been spending lots of time with his close friend and confidante Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) who has patiently helped Will get through the coming out process.

Massey tells Frontiers Magazine that fans can expect to see Will and Sonny get much closer later this summer and fall.

‘I think it’s going to be something that hopefully the viewers have wanted to see. If I could give them that, that would be great,’ Massey says.

So far, Sonny had made his romantic feelings for Will known only to a few people, including Will’s dad Lucas. Will clearly has affection for Sonny but has not shared with anyone whether his feelings run deeper.

Massey indicates that he would have liked to see Sonny and Will remain close as friends.

‘I am outspoken about how much I like the platonic friendship of Will and Sonny because I thought it was fresh,’ he says. ‘Regardless of how I feel about that, I am still going to play that to the best of my ability.’



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