Design for Washington DC LGBTI veterans memorial unveiled

America’s fallen LGBTI military personnel will be honored with a permanent monument in Washington DC’s Congressional Cemetery if the National LGBT Veterans Memorial Project gets its way and the group recently released the design for it

Design for Washington DC LGBTI veterans memorial unveiled
12 August 2014

The US National LGBT Veterans Memorial Project has unveiled its design for a national monument to fallen LGBTI military personnel which they plan to have erected in Washington DC’s Congressional Cemetery.

The memorial will feature three eleven foot tall stone monoliths, arranged in a triangle, with each baring two of the emblems of the United States’ six military forces – the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines.

People will be able to walk inside the triangle where there will be a flag pole and an inscription explaining the monument’s meaning.

The National LGBT Veterans Memorial Project has chosen a corner of the cemetery that has become known as it’s ‘gay corner’ because there are six gay veterans already buried near the spot.

The first of those was Air Force veteran Leonard Matlovich, who came out as gay on the cover of Time magazine in 1975, and was subsequently discharged.

He was buried in the cemetery in 1988.

The National LGBT Veterans Memorial Project is a tax-exempt organization under paragraph 501(c)(3) of IRS Regulations and is raising funds to complete the project.

It expects to mostly raise the money from LGBTI veterans who will be able to buy pavers with their names and service information to be included in the monument.

The Congressional Cemetery is not a government cemetery despite its name though many senior US officials are buried in it.

That includes former FBI director J Edgar Hoover and his second in command Clyde Tolson, who were widely rumored to be lovers.



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