Doctor Who Dalek under the hammer

Power-crazy alien from the classic BBC drama is being sold in California auction

Doctor Who Dalek under the hammer
12 December 2011

A Dalek used in the classic series of Doctor Who is expected to go for £8,000 at auction this week – even though it is only was one foot tall.

The model metallic monster, which featured in the 1985 Colin Baker story Revelation of the Daleks, was built for a scene in which it was exterminated. The prop was destroyed on screen using TV pixilation, so was undamaged. It will go under the hammer in California on Thursday (15 December).

This comes as the BBC revealed the two episodes made in the 1960s and missing from the archives for almost 40 years have been discovered.

The recovered episodes are part two of Galaxy Four (Airlock) from 1965 starring First Doctor William Hartnell and part two of The Underwater Menace from 1967, starring Second Doctor Patrick Troughton.

They are among more than 100 instalments which were not retained by the BBC.

The announcement was made on Sunday at Missing Believed Wiped, an event held at the British Film Institute (BFI).

The BFI, based in London, has been working with broadcasters and film collectors to recover missing recordings of many different television series.

Doctor Who was sold all over the world in the 1960s.

The latest two episodes to be found were in the private collection of a former TV engineer, Terry Burnett, who bought them at a school fete in Hampshire in the 1980s.

Burnett had no idea the BBC did not have the recordings – it was only when he mentioned them casually in conversation to Ralph Montagu, head of heritage at Radio Times, that their significance was recognised.

The find makes only a modest dent in the number of missing episodes, with 106 instalments broadcast between 1964 and 1969 still being sought.

Sci-fi drama Doctor Who, about a time-travelling adventurer who repeatedly saves the universe from disaster, has always had a big gay fan-base. In the last decade it has been re-worked and made popular again under the guidance of a largely gay team headed by Russell T Davies, the creator of Queer As Folk.



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