Documentary about Argentina’s gay parents and their families begins national tour

Familias Por Igual (The Same Families) will begin a national tour October 1, showcasing footage of five same-sex parents and their families two years after gay marriage was legalized in Argentina

Documentary about Argentina’s gay parents and their families begins national tour
30 September 2012

A documentary on the legalization of same-sex marriage in Argentina will be shown nationwide starting tomorrow (October 1).

Familias Por Igual follows the stories of five gay parents and their families, who share how their lives have changed since the Argentine government legalized same-sex marriage in 2010.

Created by Rodolfo Moro and Marcos Duszcazk in conjunction with FALGBT, the Argentine LGBT Federation and INCAA, the National Institute for Film and Audiovisual Arts, the film also shows interviews with professors, doctors and politicians to get first-hand accounts of how the country’s marriage equality law has affected daily life in Argentina.

Duszcazk said in the interview: ‘The film’s objective is to to demystify the subject of homosexuality, to show that each person has their own style of living, that there are families with two dads and two moms that are just like every other family, with parents who raise their children the same way’.

Esteban Paulón, president of the FALGBT said: ‘it gives us great pleasure that Familias por Igual can tour the whole country since it’s one of the first audiovisual productions that reflects, two years since passing the Marriage Equality law, the consequences and effects that the ruling has had on the daily life of our families.

For a list of tour dates and locations visit FALGBT’s website.

Watch a trailer for Familias Por Igual here:



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