Dolly Parton on gay fans and documentary pair of gay twins dedicated to her

'I know what it's like not being accepted'

Dolly Parton on gay fans and documentary pair of gay twins dedicated to her
10 August 2012

Dolly Parton is showing she’s still going strong with her latest CD/DVD An Evening With Dolly just passing the 500,000 mark in sales to become the first gold record sold via Cracker Barrell Stores.

Parton is also featured in the documentary Hollywood to Dollywood about gay twins Gary Lane and Larry Lane who rent an RV and drive across the country to the Dollywood theme park during the park’s 25th anniversary festivities to personally deliver a movie script they wrote for Parton.

Parton had nothing to do with its planning or production but she has since given it her blessing by allowing the twins to use her music for its soundtrack. The film was popular on the film festival circuit and will have a one-week run in New York City beginning 31 August followed by a one-week run in Los Angeles beginning 7 September.

Parton said at a press conference Friday (10 August): ‘The movie is a documentary about these twin boys. They’re gay and their parents kind of turned them out and they did come to Dollywood. I did meet them and I allowed them to use some of my songs.’

‘They’re sweet, sweet, precious boys and the fact that I was an inspiration and someone they kind of leaned on,’ she added. ‘You never know how God works to help people. ‘We’re all God’s children no matter what,’ she says. ‘So, there was a lot of love and understanding and I think they felt that.’

‘Being a freak, I know what it’s like not being accepted,’ she adds. ‘Not that they were freaks but I was.’

Parton in recent years has become the rare country music star to regularly speak out in appreciation of her gay fans and for LGBT equality.

‘I just know, through the years, I’ve had people tell me I should do this or I shouldn’t do that,’ Parton says. ‘I have a lot of gay fans because they know that I just accept people as they are. That’s not my place to judge. I ain’t God and I ain’t runnin’ for office. But I was proud to be part of that. It makes you feel good.’

Here is the film’s trailer:



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