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Dominican Republic reiterates ban on gay cops and soldiers

The Dominican Republic’s national chief of police and defense minister have reiterated this week that the country will not allow gays and lesbians to serve in its police force or armed forces
Dominican National Police Chief Manuel Castro
Photo by Dominican National Police Force

The head of the Dominican Republic’s national police force has reiterated that homosexuals will not be allowed to serve in its ranks.

National Police Chief Manuel Castro made the comments in response to a journalist’s question about the United States allowing openly gay and lesbian people to serve in its armed forces.

In response, Castro said ‘those types of people,’ are barred by law from joining the police, according to Dominican Today.

Castro said that if there were homosexuals in the Dominican police force he would seek to identify them – presumably so that they could be sacked.

Castro’s comments came only a day after Dominican Defense Minister Sigfrido Pared reiterated that gays and lesbians cannot serve in the Dominican armed forces.

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Every Society, that kills the freedom of his People is Part of War Creation.
Sexuality is a free Choice of every single Human Beeing.
Dom. Rep. is Dealing with the World. I won´t by their Products any longer.

Dom. Rep. acts like Germans Nazi´s Decads ago.

Even Gay People can be good Parent´s. Some are already.

Humanity won´t die, when we have same sex cupples as well.

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