Don your lederhosen as global gays descend on Austria for Pink Lake

The Pink Lake Gay Festival promises a weekend of costume balls and boat parties on Lake Woerthersee

Don your lederhosen as global gays descend on Austria for Pink Lake
19 June 2012

Nestled between the borders of Italy and Slovenia lies Lake Woerthersee.

The snow-capped Alpine peaks over the sun-warmed Lake Woerthersee provide a picturesque backdrop for the annual Pink Lake International Gay Festival.

From 23 to 26 August, the Austrian center of Velden will host a slew of events and activities to celebrate the international LGBT community, supported this year by Gay Star News.

The area’s modern wellness hotels, trendy bars, cozy restaurants and cafes, wide variety of boutiques and stores as well as traditional bakeries offer an exciting mix of both historical charm and modern comfort.

The weekend kicks off with a costume ball at the Villa Bulfon situated directly on the lake. Guests and entertainers will dress in traditional Austrian clothing like lederhosen and dirndis.

The following night’s boat party takes guests on a lake cruise celebration with live DJs and cocktails.

DJ Neo Mark and special guest DJ Eduardo de la Torre will spin for Saturday night’s club event held at Casino Velden, where thousands of guests from Austria, Germany and across Europe will party until the wee hours of the morning.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of the area’s scenic vistas, so Pink Lake’s website offers suggestions on the best local hiking, biking and sailing tours.

A boat-ride through the Obir caves offer a peek into the region’s subterranean landscape, and a visit to the castle Hochosterwitz atop a mountain affords breathtaking views of the region.

The weekend’s festivities will also include swimming activities and dating games. Lederhosen not mandatory, but definitely encouraged.



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