Donald Trump’s son used to wish every guy was gay

Donald Trump Jr. wanted less competition; He's also in favor of gay marriage

Donald Trump’s son used to wish every guy was gay
14 March 2012

His father infuriated many in the gay and lesbian community last year when, during his brief flirtation with running for the GOP presidential nomination, the three-times married Donald Trump said he was against gay marriage.

But Donald Trump Jr., who appears with his father on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, said Wednesday (14 March) that he believes his father merely took the position out of political necessity.

'I think part of it, and perhaps the shame of being a conservative, is you almost have to have those kind of stances to win any kind of primary,' the younger Trump said in an interview with The Six Pack. 'And then you have to sell out and become a moderate in the middle just like you have to do if you're on the liberal side of the political spectrum.'

The son is much more clear on where he stands on gay marriage: 'I'm totally for it. One of my best friends growing up was gay. It's never been an issue for me.'

He even once wished more guys were gay and here's why: 'I think there was a time in my life, probably in college, that I wished every guy was gay because it meant more woman for me! I don't know what everyone's problem with it is, I wish everyone was gay! That's always the way I thought about it. I have no issue with it. If I have to suffer through marriage why shouldn't they?'

Trump Jr. also said his father has had a lunch with former Celebrity Apprentice contestant George Takei in which they discussed gay marriage. The lunch was filmed but it is not known when or where it will air.



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