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Don't discriminate against gays and lesbians says Cambodian PM

Prime minister of Cambodia, who threatened to disown his daughter in 2007 for having a 'wife', says 'there should be no discrimination' against gays and lesbians
Prime Minister of Cambodia Han Sen

The prime minister of Cambodia told citizens not to discriminate against gays and lesbians while speaking at a ceremony in the south of the Southeast Asian nation.

'There are gays and lesbians in every country,' said Hun Sen. 'So there should be no discrimination against them just because of their destiny,' Associated Press reports.

The prime minister seems to have evolved on the subject as in 2007 he told a university graduation ceremony that he wanted to disown his daughter because she 'has a wife'.

Cambodia is generally tolerant of LGBT people.

Buddhist monks blessed a Pride celebration in May and the country's late king, who died in October, spoke out in support of gay marriage in 2004.  

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I really like this article
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kerajinan tembaga

Brave man- I take my hat off to him. have a look here.

this is what we should all be saying :) hope this attitude rubs off on everyone

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I totally agree not to discriminate against gays and lesbians because they are also people like us.

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