Dressed to impress: 2012’s best celebrity Halloween costumes

From Catwoman to the Tin Man, this year's celebrity partygoers were not scared to have fun with their costumes

Dressed to impress: 2012’s best celebrity Halloween costumes
01 November 2012

Halloween is normally reserved for children to get hyped up on sugar and terrorise the adults. This year it seems a host of celebrities wanted to let loose and dress up too.

How I Met Your Mother start Neil Patrick Harris tweeted a picture of himself, along with his partner and two adorable children dressed as the characters fro The Wizard of Oz.

Over in Milan, Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears posted pictures of himself dressed as Rocky Horror show transvestite Frankenfurter whilst performing to an Italian audience.

There were endless pumpkin photos. Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s simple had ‘Hi’ carved into it. Not so scary!

On the female front, Lady Gaga was very secretive about her costume, tweeting only close ups of her ensemble. Spotted in a golden crown and green tutu it was later revealed she was ‘The Cannabis Queen’. We’re not sure either.

Kim Kardashian sported a Catwoman costume channelling Michelle Pfiefer in the 1995 movie. The rest of the Kardashian clan also sported costumes from the Batman series.

Stephen Fry reminded us of his historical knowledge by dressing as an Edwardian gent complete with noose around his neck and ghostly white face paint.

Now that Halloween is over for another year it’s time to start planning your costume for 2013. We may ask Gaga if we can borrow that crown.



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