Drugs and dynamite found in Canada gay village

Police evacuate residents in Montreal after explosives were found in an apartment building

Drugs and dynamite found in Canada gay village
26 November 2012

Police evacuated residents in Montreal’s gay village after drugs and a stick of dynamite were found in an apartment building.

Locals were left waiting outside in the cold last night (25 November) while officers investigated the findings at an apartment in de Maisonneuve Boulevard and Panet Street.

According to Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), police were called to the home at 9.30pm and didn’t leave until 5am after struggling to remove the explosives.

Three people were inside the apartment at the time, including two men aged 22 and 28, and one 25-year-old woman.

They were all known to police who will interview them later today (26 November).

Three people were inside the apartment at the time, including two men aged 22 and 28, and one 25-year-old woman. All three were known to police. They will meet with SPVM investigators later Monday.

Read more: http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/drugs-and-dynamite-found-in-gay-village-apartment-1.1053684#ixzz2DLIbLNDg



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