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Dublin man attacked on train after thugs saw gay dating site

Attackers saw victim had been looking at a gay dating site on evening train to Belfast so attacked, leaving him with a broken nose and head injuries
The railway running through Portadown: A gay man was attacked on a train from Dublin to Belfast.

A gay man in his 50s has spoken of how he was attacked on a train from Dublin to Belfast on Saturday night (22 December) leaving him with a broken nose and head injuries.

The man was on the 8.50pm train from his home town of Dublin when two other passengers found out he was gay and attacked him, reports the Irish Times.

The victim who has Asperger’s syndrome – was sitting in a near-empty carriage using his laptop to look at a gay dating website.

He left the site displayed on the screen when he went to the toilet about an hour into the journey. When he returned, two men were looking at the screen.

When he returned from the toilet about an hour into the journey, he found two men looking at his computer. He had earlier been browsing an internet dating website for gay men, which was on the screen.

He told the Irish Times: ‘They started accusing me of being a pervert. I tried to get my laptop from them and they chased me into another carriage where they started beating me. I was screaming for assistance and covered in blood.’

He said the attackers also stole his iPod and a pair of headphones.

Other passengers didn’t intervene. His attackers left the train at the Portadown stop. Police were called and the victim was taken to hospital in Portadown.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland plan to examine CCTV footage from the train to try to track the men and have also appealed for any witnesses to get in touch.

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