Dustin Lance Black takes Obama and Romney to task on gay marriage

Oscar winning screenwriter says if Obama's 'evolution' falls short,'  LGBT community must abandon their support

Dustin Lance Black takes Obama and Romney to task on gay marriage
26 April 2012

Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar winning screenwriter and LGBT activist, is taking President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to task for their positions on gay marriage.

Obama, who famously said he is still 'evolving' on the issue, gets credit from Black for his Justice Department's progress on LGBT issues. But Black points out that many are 'frustrated with Obama's sluggish, self-described 'evolution.''

'On paper, it's often tough to discern how Obama's views on marriage differ from, say, GOP superstar Gov. Chris Christie, who believes separate-but-equal civil unions are just fine,' Black writes in a special political issue of The Hollywood Reporter. 'And that actually puts the president behind the national polls, Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Cindy McCain and many Republicans in the New York, New Hampshire and Maryland legislatures who support marriage equality.'

Black is one of the founding members of the American Foundation for Equal Rights that sponsored the groundbreaking case which led to a recent ruling by the 9th District U.S. Court of Appeals which found that California's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional.

He is not inclined to give Obama a pass on the gay marriage issue until after the November election.

'Until the president publicly puts his wheels down on the side of full equality, he must be passionately engaged, confronted and protested for maintaining his prejudiced, hurtful public position,' Black writes. 'If his evolution continues to fall short, then those interested in equality in this country must abandon their support. Hope should never become delayed disappointment.'

Black does not appoint any support on the issue from Romney pointing to the recent revelation that Romney donated to one of the most anti-gay groups in the nation, the National Organization for Marriage.

He signed NOM's pledge calling for a constitutional amendment banning equal marriage and subsequently received its full endorsement.



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