Dying gay man gets his wish to marry his partner

Donations rush in to make sure a terminally ill gay man from Ohio gets to marry his partner of 20 years

Dying gay man gets his wish to marry his partner
14 July 2013

A gay man, bedridden due to ALS, received a final wish: marriage to his 20-year partner.

Since this past March Ohio resident John Arthur has been a patient with Crossroads Hospice, a facility that offers residents a ‘perfect day.’

In late June, when the Supreme Court got rid of the Defense of Marriage Act, Arthur knew he wanted to marry  long-term partner Jim Obergefell.

As reported by Cincinnati.com, gay marriage is illegal in the couple’s home state.

Additionally, travel is not easy for Arthur due to his ‘amyotrophic lateral sclerosis… a progressive neurological disease that robs patients of their ability to walk, talk and eventually breathe.’

He was diagnosed approximately two years ago.

Maryland, an east coast state that approved marriage equality by referendum, was picked where the couple could travel. Hospice provided the ambulance ride to and from the airpot. Friends, relatives and former co-workers donated $12,700 [€9,700] to cover the cost for a medical transport plane.

This past 11 June, the couple flew to Baltimore and were married, by Arthur’s aunt. She had been ordained to do such ceremonies in the hopes she could marry her nephew and Obergefell.

‘I’m overjoyed,’ Arthur said, as reported by Cincinnati.com. ‘I’m very proud to be an American and be able to openly share my love for the record. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.’

The newlyweds met in 1992, in the Midwestern state. While marriage slowly creeped in other US states, they never considered moving.

‘Jim and I met here in Cincinnati, Arthur said. ‘We have established our friends and family circle here.’

‘Even though we thrive on local conflicts and the absurdity of what happens in the great state of Ohio, we’ve never seriously considered moving because to move we wouldn’t have our social base. So it’s never been a real consideration,’ he continued.



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