EastEnders gay couple ‘Cryed’ to leave soap

Gay characters Syed and Christian, played by Marc Elliot and John Partridge, will be written out of popular BBC series

EastEnders gay couple ‘Cryed’ to leave soap
07 September 2012

EastEnders gay couple Syed Masood and Christian Clarke will be leaving the long-running British soap opera.

Actors Marc Elliott and John Partridge will have their characters written out of the BBC One show, producers confirmed.

The role of Syed broke new ground on the program by tackling the controversial subject of being a gay Muslim.

Elliot told the BBC that his time on the series has been ‘brilliant’, saying that he might return to his roots in theater.

Partridge added that ‘leaving at the same time as Marc felt like the only thing to do’.

‘I have had the time of my life at EastEnders but I have always gone with my gut.’

He added: ‘It is the right end to the story, and for Christian. But also, excitingly, the start of a whole new chapter for me

Details of how the popular pair will exit the series are being kept tightly under wraps.

EastEnders producers called the characters, which fans lovingly branded ‘Cryed’, a ‘huge success’.

‘Their storylines have broken boundaries that have not been seen in a soap before and the love for them by the viewers can be seen in their "Chryed" fans,’ executive producer Lorraine Newman told The Mirror.

‘When Marc announced he had decided to move on, we had a tough decision to make.

‘After numerous conversations, which included John, it was decided that there is only one outcome for Syed and Christian.

‘We wish them both all the best for the future.’



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