EastEnders star speaks out on gay storyline, reaction

British 20-year-old actor reacts to playing a gay character, the drunken kiss and coming out to a Cockney dad

EastEnders star speaks out on gay storyline, reaction
14 February 2014

British actor and EastEnders star Sam Strike has spoken about the reaction to his character’s coming out storyline for the first time.

After his introduction late last year in the long-running UK soap, he was quickly made center stage as portrayed emotional scenes as he came out to his father Mick played by Danny Dyer.

Complaints were made to the BBC following a gay kiss between Strike’s character Johnny Carter and Gary Lucy’s character Danny Pennant.

Speaking about working alongside Dyer, Strike said: ‘He’s lovely. I had a heavy scene with him right at the beginning, and we were both on the same level and really comfortable with each other. He’s just a really lovely guy.

‘With that scene where Johnny comes out to Mick, I was really nervous the night it aired, because you want it to look convincing but then you want to do justice by the people that have been there and done it.

‘It was a real proving ground for me, because it was the first time I actually had to do any proper drama acting.’

He added: ‘I’ve had letters and Danny’s had letters saying that we’d helped people to come out, and it makes things worth it.’

The 20-year-old made his comments in an EastEnders behind-the-scenes video published on the soap’s official website.



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