Four men beaten and arrested by mob for gay car sex

Four gay men were beaten and detained by moral vigilantes in Cario, after being caught having sex in car

Four men beaten and arrested by mob for gay car sex
27 October 2012

A group of styled moral vigilantes detained four men who were said to have ‘practiced immorality’ (i.e. gay sex) in Cario, Egypt.

The four men were apparently caught in the act by the group in a private car on Game’et el Duwal el Arabya (Arab League Blvd), Mohandeseen neighbourhood, Cario last night (26 October).

The car driver apparently tried to drive away, but the vigilantes with the help of other car blocked the passage and beat up the four gay men, reported the Egyptian portal January 25.

They then detained and brought them to the local police station.

In the last year there have been increased concerns in Egypt over the presence of self-proclaimed morality vigilantes.

Many groups become well organised during and after the revolution, that combined with a reduced police presence in many areas after the revolution, has raised concerns that self-appointed morality vigilantes will start flexing their muscles on the street.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Ali, a 23-year-old law student from Cairo said: ‘I don’t know who this group is but the portal is connected with the revolutionary and Islamic groups.

‘Many groups connected with various political parties are operating in Egypt and often take the law into their own hands.

‘We had a number of cases of people being arrested, beaten up and even killed (like in Suez this summer), by some of these groups.

‘I am very concerned about these four men, and I urge NGOs to verify this information and check how they are being handled.

‘The general atmosphere here in Egypt is a bit scary for the LGBT community, I don’t know what exactly to do, but sit tight and wait and see.’



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