Elderly Chinese gay couple hold wedding in Beijing

An elderly male couple, who have become an internet sensation since they publicly declared their love for each other on Weibo (China's twitter), held a wedding in Beijing yesterday

Elderly Chinese gay couple hold wedding in Beijing
31 January 2013

An elderly gay couple, who have gathered 12,000 fans on China’s most popular microblogging site Weibo, held a wedding ceremony in Beijing yesterday.

One of the men wore a wedding dress and the couple shared traditional shots of Chinese spirit bajiu, Daqi.com reports. They posted on Weibo yesterday that the wedding went smoothly, with many friends from the internet coming to bless them.

But the couple, who call each other ‘Big Treasure’ and ‘Little Treasure’ were disappointed that one of the men’s son cannot accept their union.

‘It’s disappointing that outsiders can bless us but not our own son,’ the couple posted on Weibo yesterday. ‘The heartless child is sabotaging our happiness.’

The couple were inspired to publicly announce their love for each other by the Hong Kong Big Love Alliance campaign.

Under the Weibo tag Two Old Men Love (两个老头的爱情) the couple posted a video of them singing a love song to each other which was forward 5,640 times.

‘The heart is very excited but at the same time is also accompanied by an uneasy feeling,’ the couple said about their wedding on Weibo yesterday.

Same-sex marriage is not legally recognized in China, but sociologist Li Yinhe lobbies the annual National People’s Congress in Beijing every year since 2001 to legalize gay marriage.

Li argues that unlike countries with a Christian or Islamic history, homosexuality has never been disapproved of in traditional Chinese culture.

Last year on Valentine’s Day, two couples from Beijing LGBT center tried to register their marriages but were told ‘homosexual marriage is not legally recognized in China’.

Last October, two men held a wedding ceremony in Fujian province, southern China, and two women held one in the city of Wuhu in Anhui, eastern China.  



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