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Ellen analyses Chinese breast enlargement advert

Talkshow host Ellen Degeneres questions the dubious science behind two Chinese breast-enlargement devices
Chinese breast enlargement advert analysed by Ellen

American talkshow host Ellen Degeneres analysed two Chinese adverts for dubious breast enlargement devices on her show earlier this month.

The first sends electrical impulse through your bra creating a 'jiggling' effect, which according to the Western doctor in the advert, increases breast-size.

The second features a corset-like mechanism which takes fat from your stomach and bum and adds it to your boobs through a simple draw string motion, the advert suggests.

'There's a bunch of garbanzo beans in the stomach. They go right up into the breasts, because if you pull it together like that, that's where everything ends up.' says Ellen, questioning the science behind the product.

Watch the clip here:

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