Ellen DeGeneres ‘in talks’ to reprise role in Finding Nemo 2

Lesbian talk show host is hoped to return as forgetful fish Dory in the Disney/Pixar sequel

Ellen DeGeneres ‘in talks’ to reprise role in Finding Nemo 2
23 August 2012

Lesbian talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is hoped to reprise her role as forgetful fish Dory in the Finding Nemo sequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DeGeneres is in talks to play everyone’s favorite blue tang fish with short term memory loss.

Rumors regarding the sequel to the Pixar/Disney film have been swimming around for years but were finally confirmed in June.

DeGeneres has expressed a great love for the film, and has said numerous times on her daytime talk show how she would love to play Dory again.

Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton was reported to have returned to Pixar last month to work on the sequel. Victoria Strouse will be writing the script, and Lindsey Collins will be producing.

As of yet, it is unknown whether other cast members Albert Brooks, Alexander Gould, or Allison Janney will return for Finding Nemo 2. 

A 3D version of the underwater children’s classic will be released in September.

When the original was released in 2003, the film grossed more than $878 million (£552m, €699m) in the worldwide box office.

We will all have to tread water though, as the film is estimated for release in 2016.

Check out the best of Dory from Finding Nemo here:



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