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Ellen DeGeneres rocks Miley's new hair-do

Lesbian chat show host shows her love for Miley Cyrus's drastic new haircut by copying the star's look on Twitter
Ellen DeGeneres tweets her version of Miley Cyrus's drastic new haircut

Miley Cyrus’ headline grabbing new hair-do has received a high profile imitation.

Lesbian chat-show host Ellen DeGeneres has tweeted a photo of herself sporting the new look, unashamedly acknowledging her inspiration for the distinctive do.

She tweeted: ‘I love @MileyCyrus' new haircut so much that I copied it.’

The tween sensation had been tweeting photos of her new cut ever since losing her trademark long blonde locks that propelled her to fame in the TV to film franchise Hannah Montana earlier in the week.

In an eerie prediction @CheyneThomas tweeted: ‘if anyone's gonna pull it off its gonna be u tho!! Bitches will be copying u shit in 2 seconds lets be real’.

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