Ellen DeGeneres shares moments from her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

Jimmy Kimmel tells crowd: 'People see Ellen on TV and they get to know her and maybe they start to feel like they do have a (gay) friend'

Ellen DeGeneres shares moments from her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony
13 September 2012

When Ellen DeGeneres got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week, her daytime talk show was still in summer reruns.

She returned to the air this week – her 10th season – and shared some wonderful highlights from the ceremony.

The multiple Emmy winner can be seen interacting with fans and listening to some moving words from Jimmy Kimmel and Ryan Seacrest.

Said Seacrest: ‘One thing I’ve always admired about Ellen is her courage, courage to be herself.

Added Kimmel: ‘Some people don’t have any gay friends. Some people don’t get a chance for whatever reason to see that gay people aren’t different from anyone. But they see Ellen on TV and they get to know her and maybe they start to feel like they do have a friend.’

Ellen’s mom, Betty DeGeneres, was on hand as was Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi.

Ellen shared with the crowd how her family once took a big vacation from New Orleans to Hollywood and went on the tour of movie star homes and explored the Walk of Fame.

Now it’s Ellen who is the tourist attraction!



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