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Ellen DeGeneres tells Robin Roberts it is profound when people really 'get' you

Openly gay GMA host has relaxed and candid interview with openly gay Oscar host
Photo: Twitter

Two of television's most successful lesbian personalities got together for a relaxed chat a few days before one of them hosts the Academy Awards for the second time.

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, who came out publicly last December, got Ellen DeGeneres to open up in an interview that aired Thursday (27 February) on the ABC show.

Roberts noted that DeGeneres had career troubles after coming out in 1997 but that it all seems behind her now and that 'it's got to be gratifying to know that people get you - they get you now.'

DeGeneres quoted something wife Portia de Rossi said in their wedding vows: 'It's one thing to be loved. It's profound to be understood.'

Now in the 11th season of her wildly popular daytime talk show - ratings are higher than ever before - DeGeneres shared why she does what she does.

'I can’t expect everyone to love me and like everything I do. I just want people understand me and to get me and know what my intentions are,' she said.

'And my intentions are to make people happy, and my intentions are to never hurt anybody, and my intentions are to have compassion and to hope I can spread that a little bit every single day.'

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