Elton John calls Madonna a ‘stripper’ on TV as spat continues

Elton John says Madonna's career is over in interview by gay pop guru Molly Meldrum on Australian TV

Elton John calls Madonna a ‘stripper’ on TV as spat continues
06 August 2012

Elton John has lashed out at Madonna again, this time calling her a ‘fucking stripper’ whose ‘career is over’.

In an Australian news and current affairs programme, gay pop king John began the interview with Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, an Australian gay music guru best known for being on former popular Australian music programme Countdown, peacefully enough.

However, upon hearing Madonna’s name, John directed his patented scathing remarks at the Material Girl once again.

‘Why is she such a nightmare? Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger [word ‘beeped’ out on TV],’ he said.

He added she would have been better off sticking to producing pop records and staying away from dancing.

‘But no, she had to go and prove… she looks like a fucking fairground stripper. She’s been horrible to Gaga.’

New pop queen Lady Gaga, who is godmother to David Furnish and John’s son Zachary, received flak from Madonna on her single Born This Way.

She is known to have criticized Gaga’s song, saying it was a reproduction of her 1989 single Express Yourself.

On the first concert of her MDNA tour, Madonna mashed Express Yourself into her rendition of Gaga’s Born This Way, before she started to sing She’s Not Me from her 2008 album Hard Candy.

The most recent comments came in the Sunday Night program on Australia’s Channel 7 yesterday (5 August).

John had insulted Madonna earlier in 2012 as well, saying she did not have ‘a [expletive] chance’ to win best original song at the Golden Globes Awards.

‘I love Elton, but when he launched into Madonna I slightly went into shock because Madonna also is a friend of mine’, said Meldrum in response to John’s comments.

Meldrum does however continue to say that ‘she [Madonna] has been very naughty of late’.

John has since claimed the interview was ‘off the record’.

Meldrum is now back at work having been seriously ill and in a coma over Christmas following a fall from a ladder on 15 December last year.



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