Elton John wants another baby

Gay pop superstar wants a brother or sister to support his first child Zachary 

Elton John wants another baby
03 June 2012

Pop superstar Elton John has revealed he and his partner David Furnish want another baby.

In an interview with The Guardian, Elton John describes how he worries about his first child Zachary growing up without a sibling.

He said: ‘I think it’s difficult to be an only child, and to be an only child of someone famous.

‘I want him to have a sibling so he has someone to be with. I know when he goes to school there’s going to be an awful lot of pressure, and I know he’s going to have people saying, ‘You don’t have a mummy.’

‘It’s going to happen. We talked about it before we had him. I want someone to be at his side and back him up. We shall see.’

The ‘Your Song’ singer said he was also keen to have more children because he grew up as an only child of an unhappy marriage.

He also shared his worries about Zachary being spoilt and said at Christmas the baby boy received hundreds of gifts, including nine strollers, but the couple gave the majority of them to charity.

The 65-year-old was recently treated in hospital for a serious respiratory infection, and had to miss four performances of his Million Dollar Piano show in Las Vegas.

The star will join bisexual singer Jessie J and gay icon Kylie Minogue among others at the Diamond Jubilee concert commemorating Queen Elizabeth II on 4 June.  



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