Elton John worries anti-gay bullies will target son

Rocket Man singer worries fame and having two gay dads will have a negative impact on his son's childhood

Elton John worries anti-gay bullies will target son
21 August 2012

Sir Elton John says his son’s childhood will be tough because of homophobia at school and his superstar status.

The Rocket Man singer told Radio Times magazine that it will be ‘very difficult’ for one-year-old Zachary, who was born by a surrogate mother on Christmas Day 2010.

‘At school other children will say, "You don’t have a mummy",’ said Sir Elton.

‘We’ve come a long way, but there’s still homophobia and will be until a new generation of parents don’t instil it in their children.’

Sir Elton and partner David Furnish have previously admitted to undergoing counselling to discuss the growth of their son.

He said: ‘It’s natural for him. He calls me "Daddy" and David "Papa".

‘He tries to copy me but he’s not formed enough yet to know what I do, thank God,’ Sir Elton added.

‘When he finds out, he’ll look at me as if I’m bonkers. Being the child of someone famous is a huge ball and chain around your ankles.’

Despite recently attacking Madonna, calling her a ‘stripper’ and whose ‘career is over’, Sir Elton now seems to have had a change of heart, praising the Material Girl.

‘Madonna took the industry by the scruff of the neck, made opportunities for other women, like Gaga and Katy Perry,’ he said.



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