Elvis Presley’s granddaughter to play lesbian werewolf

Pop icon Kylie Minogue goes gay in the new independent horror film

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter to play lesbian werewolf
08 July 2012

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter will play a lesbian werewolf in new independent film Jack and Diane.

American actress Riley Keough will play tough lesbian Jack in a story of two young girls who meet and fall in love in New York City. The women also happen to be werewolves.

British actress Juno Temple will play love interest Diane, whose charming innocence opens up Jack’s tough exterior.

Gay pop icon Kylie Minogue will also have a cameo in the movie as the owner of a tattoo parlor, who has a sexual encounter with Keough’s Jack.

Originally hit teenage pregnancy movie Juno co-stars Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby were meant to play the title characters, but left after the film hit financial difficulties.

Best known for appearing as a bad girl in male stripper film Magic Mike, Keough is the oldest granddaughter of the rock legend.

When she started modeling at the age of 14, she posed on the cover of Vogue alongside her mother, Lisa Marie, and grandmother, Priscilla.

Jack and Diane is set for release in theaters on 2 November.



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