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ESPN covers when Michael Sam takes a shower

The sports network talks to teammates and discovers the NFL rookie is 'respecting the space' of other players
Michael Sam, seventh round draft pick of the National Football League St. Louis Rams

The sports network ESPN broke a big story about Michael Sam. The gay National Football League rookie takes showers.

This shattering news was released today, 26 August. The reporter who uncovered such a dramatic twist (see the clip below) was answering a question how the out football player was fitting in.

'Another Rams defensive player told me that "Sam is respecting our space,"' reporter Josina Anderson explained.

'And that, from his perspective, he seems to think that Michael Sam is kind of waiting to take a shower, as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable,' she continued.

To keep things fair and balanced, she added the names of two other players who were not privy to when the seventh-round draft pick scrubbed up.

Chris Long, drafted by the Rams in 2008, tweeted the perfect response to the non-story:


On to more important matters, the University of Missouri graduate survived today's first round of cuts. According to Outsports, this means the defensive end will have one more game, 28 August, to make a case to the coaching staff.

From all reports Sam and fellow rookie, Ethan Westbrooks, are in contention for a final spot. Coach Jeff Fisher isn't tipping his hand about which player will make the team.

'I think they're both doing well right now,' Fischer said, as reported by Outsports. 'No different than any other positional races on this football team. They're both doing well. You know me, I'm not going to say who's one or who's two.'

On 30 August, NFL teams are required to reduce rosters to 53 players.


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