Evan Rachel Wood tells Gay Star News she wants to help end stigma about bisexuality

'I certainly felt shamed from both sides. You should be who you are and proud'

Evan Rachel Wood tells Gay Star News she wants to help end stigma about bisexuality
27 May 2014

When Evan Rachel Wood showed up earlier this month to perform at a benefit for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, she reflected on why she decided to publicly declare herself bisexual in 2012.

‘There’s this weird stigma about it and I’m hoping to kind of end that because soooooooo many people are bisexual,’ she told Gay Star News in an interview. ‘There are many of them out there.’

The 26-year-old actress is married to British actor Jamie Bell and was previously engaged to rocker Marilyn Manson.

She was a child star who was in the cast of ABC’s Once and Again and starred in such films as Thirteen, Practical Magic, Little Secrets and Digging to China.

Despite the acclaim, she was hurting inside as she struggled to understand her fluid sexuality.

‘I remember growing up not knowing it was a thing, feeling very confused, feeling very alone,’ she said. ‘So that is one of the reasons why I came out publicly, to help another struggling 12 year old who is terrified – just to let them know it’s okay and that it is very real. Your trials and tribulations are just as real as anybody elses.’

Wood went on to have a recurring role on HBO’s True Blood and to have major roles in the films The Wrestler and The Ides of March. She also earned an Emmy nomination for her performance in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce opposite Kate Winslet.

After sharing the news that she is bisexual, Wood was dismayed by the lack of acceptance there is, even within the LGBTI community, of persons who are attracted to both genders.

‘I certainly felt shamed from both sides,’ she said. ‘I want to end that.’

‘You should be who you are and proud.’



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