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Ex-gay event doesn't even come close to organizers' expectations

Approximately ten ex-gay advocates stand in front of the US Supreme Court
Ex-gay press conference in front of the US Supreme Court building, 31 July 2013
Tory Roberts

To hear American Family Radio’s Sandy Rios and Christopher Doyle tell it, they are at the forefront of a mighty movement.

Doyle is the organizer of 'Ex-Gay Pride Month 2013' (the 'planned' events were canceled).

According to Right Wing Watch, he spoke to Rios yesterday (30 July) to publicize a rally, and press conference, ex-gays were holding in front of the US Supreme Court building.

'We are demanding that not only Congress hear our voices...,'  Doyle said. 'We are going to stand  in front of the Supreme Court and hold a rally, and press conference, and demand that Justice Kennedy understand that gays and lesbians are not the only sexual orientation class that faces animus in this country.'

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority ruling in the Defense of Marriage Act case.

Rios predicted 'thousands of ex-gays are descending' on Washington, DC for this 31 July rally of oppressed peoples.

Her numbers were slightly off. Fewer than 10 showed up.

Below is a clip of Chuck Peters; the gentleman belongs to a previous gay group called Voice of the Voiceless. He works overtime to ferment excitement with the tiny crowd.

“thousands of ex-gays are descending”
“thousands of ex-gays are descending”

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