Ex-gay group head says ‘no magic wand’ to cure gays

Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, continues to denounce group's former practice of reparative therapy

Ex-gay group head says ‘no magic wand’ to cure gays
01 August 2012

The president of one of the world’s largest ‘ex-gay’ groups has again denounced gay cure therapy claiming there is ‘no magic wand’ to turn homosexuals straight.

Head of Exodus International Alan Chambers recently admitted curing someone of their sexuality is impossible, drawing concerns from far right Christian organizations.

The group, which was founded in 1976 and has 260 centers worldwide, has previously advocated the so-called reparative therapy, which extremists claim helps lesbian and gay Christians change their sexual orientation.

But Chambers has once again attempted to distance the organization from the controversial practice at the Exodus annual conference, which ran from 27 July to 30 July.

In the speech, he said there is ‘magic wand’ that could be waved, so gays could ‘go be straight and mate’, reported The Conversation website.

Despite being married with children, he also admitted that he is still sexually attracted to men, but the group’s mission should now be help gay people control their desires and feelings, instead of encouraging clients to completely purge themselves.

He said: ‘Change isn’t the absence of struggle. It’s the freedom in the midst of that struggle to make a different decision.’

Several religious leaders have urged the 40-year-old, who recently admitted he still felt ‘homosexual urges, to resign as president of the US’s most prominent ex-gay organization.

Last year the organization’s former Executive Director, John Smid, came out as gay declaring, ‘One cannot repent of something that is unchangeable.’

Exodus International’s founder, Michael Bussee, also famously left the organization to begin a long term relationship with another senior office holder in the group, Gary Cooper. The couple spent the rest of Cooper’s life together before his death from AIDs in 1991.



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