Experience luxury in paradise with Hotel Atlantis

The lavish hotel result on Fuerteventura faces the Atlantic Ocean, neighbors sand dunes of Corralejo and treats all its guests like royalty

Experience luxury in paradise with Hotel Atlantis
19 June 2012

The Atlantis Hotel in Fuerteventura is breaking into the gay luxury holiday market, providing a stunning location, fabulous food, and wonderful service to anyone who walks through the door.

A favorite among European royals and sports stars, the Condé Nast award-winning Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real, in the Spanish Canary Islands, ensures everyone has an unforgettable experience.

The front line seaside location means every customer wakes up and opens the damask curtains to find the Atlantic Ocean and beaches of fine white sand.

The resort’s Clare Corish pointed out a time when a member of the Royal Family came to stay at the hotel, and instead of the royal suite they requested a normal room.

Corish said: ‘The philosophy of this hotel is everyone is treated like a royal. Everybody who walks through the door is treated with the same respect.

‘It’s a caring, relaxed atmosphere as well. Even though the hotel is stunning, and will make people say “wow”, everyone feels like it could be home.’

Corish said they could never market the hotel as 100% gay, as there would not be enough arrivals, or 100% family, because children can only come at certain points of the year. A hotel welcome to everyone suits them best.

‘I find it is not good to put a whole load of labels on anything because it will always exclude someone,’ she said.

The hotel is right next to the sand dunes of Corralejo that allows you to strip off and connect with nature.

Across the waters is the uninhabited island of Lobos, where you can take a private yacht and have a barbeque on the beach or spend the day fishing.

If you are the active type, you can play a variety of water sports, as well as able to wind surf or scuba dive.

If you need to let your hair down, there are gay bars and open-air discos in Fuerteventura but far more low-key than the drunken raves in Malaga or Gran Canaria.

Among the 242 rooms which include a variety of affordable double and junior rooms, the hotel also includes an adults-only suite.

It is a two floor super deluxe living space that is kept secret from the other customers and not mentioned on the website.

While the rest of the hotel mixes Colonial and Moorish styles, the adults-only suite is contemporary, classic and minimalist.

Facilities also include a gym with personal trainer sessions available, a 3000 square meter spa facing the Atlantic Ocean, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, as well as gourmet, Japanese and buffet restaurants to name a few.

Staff are not only picked because of their capabilities, but because they bring something extra.

Corish said: ‘The owners look for all these other sides in the staff, and that means there’s a great atmosphere and team spirit throughout the hotel.’

The result means you leave feeling like a king or queen, which explains the hotel’s high 45% return rate.

Corish says: ‘We are all just running around like headless chickens as the rate we live our lives at is far too fast. Sometimes you can make the mistake of going on holiday and then trying to do too much instead of doing what you’re supposed to do.

‘You can have a pure quality of life here, because you deserve it.’

For bookings and more information, visit their website bahiarealresort.com



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