Extremist Christians protest gay charity’s ‘bigot’ award

Christian Voice, who see gay people as 'wicked', are urging UK businesses to drop sponsorship of the Stonewall Awards

Extremist Christians protest gay charity’s ‘bigot’ award
30 October 2012

An extremist Christian group is protesting gay rights charity Stonewall’s ‘Bigot of the Year’ award.

Christian Voice, who consider gay people to be ‘wicked’ and ‘deceitful’, have been handing out leaflets urging businesses to stop sponsoring the UK charity’s annual awards benefit.

‘Most of the awards are to applaud people who have advanced the homosexual cause in some way,’ the leaflet says.

‘But Stonewall are not satisfied with congratulating those who have advanced their cause. They have to insult and bully their opponents.’

Nominees for the bigot award shortlist includes the leader of the Scottish Catholic Church Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who has called gay marriage ‘grotesque’, and Simon Lokodo, who is a key advocate of Uganda’s ‘Kill The Gays’ bill.

The other nominees are Christian politician Alan Craig, Archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia, and Northern Irish politician Ken Maginnis.

Christian Voice are hoping to stop Barclays, Coutts and PwC from giving money to the charity, and they are sponsoring the sports award, writer award, and hero of the year respectively.

In the leaflet, Christian Voice claim ‘homosexual activists have won politically-correct status’ by a ‘clever, but we say deceitful’ campaign.

The group says ‘proper academic research’ shows gay people are 1.5% of the population, and the LGBT community ignores evidence of people being ‘cured’ of their sexuality.

‘[Gay people] do all they can to avoid discussing the reality of their abusive, dangerous sexual practices, framing their arguments instead in terms of “human rights”,’ Christian Voice say.

‘They pretend their lives are just the same as everyone else’s, despite academic studies revealing promiscuity levels and associated ill-health in the gay world unheard of even in today’s sex-obsessed heterosexual society.’

A PwC spokesman said they had no part in sponsoring the ‘Bigot of the Year award’, bu said they sponsoring the ‘Hero of the Year’ award, and were long time supporters of Stonewall because, as a firm, they believe in a culture that is inclusive and diverse.

He said: ‘We are open-minded to difference and respect those that bring something distinctive.

‘Supporting organizations like Stonewall is consistent with our commitment to being a responsible employer which can attract, develop and retain a diverse pool of talented people.’

Barclays and Coutts have allegedly said they will pull out of supporting Stonewall if the controversial award is not withdrawn in future, saying it ‘runs contrary to our view on fair treatment’.

Speaking to GSN, Stonewall’s Andy Wasley said: ‘We have never described someone as bigoted simply because they disagree with us.

‘The people who are on the shortlist have compared gay relationships to bestiality, and have compared gay people who want to secure gay marriage to Nazis. It’s as simple as that.’

The seventh annual Stonewall Awards will take place on 1 November in London.



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