Facebook campaign for Louganis

Facebook campaign for Greg Louganis to appear on popular TV show

Facebook campaign for Louganis
29 January 2012

In 2010, Olympian Greg Louganis told People magazine he wanted to be a contestant on the reality show 'Dancing with the Stars.' His fans have not forgotten that, and created a Facebook page to petition the show's producers to include him in next season's lineup.

As reported by the blog Outsports, the page has 1,500 likes.

'I don’t know about the outfits, but I’ve worn worse,”  Louganis said to People. 'I’ve never done ballroom but I want to try … Dance really captures something you just can’t put into words.'

Louganis, a five-time Olympic medalist, was the first man to win consecutive Olympic gold medals in the platform and springboard events. At the 1988  Seoul Games, his springboard victory came  when his head hit a board in a qualifying round.

After competing, he came out and acknowledged his AIDS status.



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