Facebook game urges STI testing after bed-hopping

Facebook game Man Up focuses on the link between the number of sexual partners and the increased risk of sexually transmitted infections and HIV

Facebook game urges STI testing after bed-hopping
24 April 2012

The more men you sleep with, the more you need to get tested. But bed hopping is encouraged in a new game from Britain's leading HIV charity.

Terrence Higgins Trust created the Facebook game, Man Up, to show that guys who regularly sleep around need to get tested for sexually transmitted infections more often.

Players are challenged to jump between beds without falling off the screen or being knocked off by a 'love bug'. The more beds you jump on, the more points you collect; but the only way to keep the points is by visiting the floating clinic.

Throughout the game you get messages about how STIs are transmitted and even details of screening services closest to you.

Cary James at Terrence Higgins Trust said: 'It’s best for gay men to go for an STI screen at least once every six months. If you’re having lots of different sexual partners, it’s a good idea to go more often.

'The sooner you find out you have a sexually transmitted infection, including HIV, the better. Finding out earlier makes it easier to treat and avoids any long term problems.'

The Terrence Higgins Trust is coordinating with a number of community organizations for Man Up to motivate sexually active members of the gay community to get tested for all STIs across the board, not just HIV.



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