Family Research Council says Google is destroying values with gay rights

FRC's head Tony Perkins has launched an attack against the multinational company for its Legalize Love campaign

Family Research Council says Google is destroying values with gay rights
24 July 2012

The president of an anti-gay group is saying Google is trying to destroy family values with their gay rights initiative.

Family Research Council head Tony Perkins joined other religious right advocates on his daily radio show in blasting the multinational corporation.

Perkins said: ‘Thanks to a new campaign, Google’s approach to traditional values is to search – and destroy.’

Google’s Legalize Love campaign is aiming to tackle places where it is illegal to be gay, or where there are anti-gay laws or where the culture is homophobic.

In audio acquired by Right Wing Watch, Perkins says: ‘That means actively fighting laws in other countries that aren’t as gay-friendly as Google would like.

‘After watching Target and J.C. Penney take a financial hit after endorsing same-sex marriage, Google should know better.

‘They can push to Legalize Love, but they shouldn’t be surprised by the blow back.’

Despite the majority of companies taking a hit during the financial crisis, Target and JC Penney have proven robust in a difficult time.

After anti-gay group One Million Moms failed to get Ellen DeGeneres ditched from her position as JC Penney’s spokeswoman, they targeted the retailer because it had two lesbian mothers in their catalogue.

Despite their protests, JC Penney has continued to target their marketing towards the family and LGBT demographics to the delight of their customers.

The Family Research Council also says Google should be ‘politically neutral’, despite the FRC commending Chick-Fil-A which confirmed last week it is against gay marriage and has donated millions to anti-gay organizations in recent years.

In the audio, Janet Porter of Faith2Action urged listeners to stop making Google searches and using Gmail.

She said: ‘While it may be next to impossible to avoid all of the social media that Google owns, this is one more good reason to have your e-mail and conduct your searches with someone else!’

Porter failed to tell the listeners about avoiding Google rivals Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo, as they also favor gay rights causes.



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