Fans try to read between the lips of hot gay kiss on ABC’s Revenge

It's known that Nolan is bisexual but what is Patrick's true orientation?

Fans try to read between the lips of hot gay kiss on ABC’s Revenge
21 October 2013

The cagey character of Nolan Ross has hooked up with men and women on ABC’s Revenge.

On Sunday night’s episode, Nolan swung back to men when he locked lips poolside with the character of Patrick Osbourne, the long-lost son of Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe).

The twist is particularly intriguing because little is known about Patrick (Justin Hartley) so it’s not clear if he is gay, bisexual or getting physical with Nolan for other reasons.

But Patrick should be warned that Nolan’s lovers – both male and female – sometimes end up dead.

Nolan (Gabriel Man) had a steamy affair with bad guy Tyler Barrol (played by Ashton Holmes) during season one but that ended when Tyler was apparently killed.

Last season saw Ross involved with Padma Lahari (Dilshad Vadsaria) who also ended up dead.

Below are scenes of the flirtation between Patrick and Nolan then, the big moment.



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