Far right Australian party calls engaged Greens MP ‘self-proclaimed homosexual’

A far right Australian political party that claims to espouse Christian values has labelled an engaged heterosexual MP a ‘self-proclaimed homosexual’ because of his support for same-sex marriage

Far right Australian party calls engaged Greens MP ‘self-proclaimed homosexual’
10 February 2013

Australia’s far-right Rise Up Australia (RUA) Party has dubbed an Australian Greens MP a ‘self-proclaimed homosexual’ over his support for same-sex marriage despite the fact that he is heterosexual and engaged to be married.

Rise Up Australia made the claim through social media, writing, ‘Looking back 12 months, MP Adam Bandt, a self-proclaimed homosexual, indicated the “Gay Marriage Act” would be acquired by stealth.’

‘At RUA, we promote the traditional family unit – comprising man, woman and children. We promote marriage as an institution that provides the best nurturing environment for Australian children. Rise Up Australia Party and Keep Australia Australian!’

Rise Up Australia was referring to Bandt’s introduction of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in February of 2012.

However Bandt is engaged to marry Claudia Perkins (pictured), a former Australian Labor Party staffer, and had only a month earlier posted online about how he wanted all Australian couples to be able to have the same kind of relationship that they had together.

‘My 2013 is looking good – I’m engaged!’ Bandt wrote.

‘Here’s me and my lovely fiancee, Claudia. I’m a lucky guy. I want everyone to be able to feel this happy, so I’ll be redoubling my efforts to make 2013 the year of marriage equality in Australia.’

Support for same-sex marriage is a long-standing Australian Greens party policy with both the state and national branches of the party fighting for the reform.

The Rise Up Australia Party was founded by Melbourne Pentecostal preacher Danny Nalliah and was founded to promote Judeo-Christian values, oppose LGBT rights and abortion, and to limit the number of Muslims immigrants to Australia.

Nalliah is a Sri Lankan who emigrated to Australia in 1997.



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