Far right ‘echoes Mussolini’ in gay marriage fight

Italian right-wing movement Forza Nuova has launched a campaign against gay marriage in the Abruzzo region, near Rome

Far right ‘echoes Mussolini’ in gay marriage fight
29 August 2012

‘Italy needs sons and daughters, not homosexuals’ – that’s the new campaign slogan by the far right Italian movement Forza Nuova.

And it has made LGBT Italian associations speak against ‘the new homophobic wave in this country.’

Forza Nuova launched its campaign last week, in Ortona, a coastal city on the Adriatic Sea in the Abruzzo region, not far from Rome.

Italy’s leading LGBT association Arcigay was in the city with a petition on gay marriage. And Forza Nuova reacted with murals, leaflets and advertising.

After LGBT associations from Abruzzo expressed their ‘anger’, Forza Nuova coordinator Marco Forconi said: ‘We think that homosexuality is an illness. And that it is disgusting.

‘But our is a reaction against the proposal of gay marriage, not against homosexuality in itself. We are not homophobic, but we think that being gay or lesbian is not normal.’

Abruzzo’s LGBT association Jonathan – Diritti in Movimento issued a press release: ‘This is like Fascism and it remembers Mussolini’s call for more sons and daughters.

‘This is gay hate and we can not tolerate it no more. We are asking the better Italy [pro-gay Italians] to react and to understand that LGBT people’s rights are everyone’s rights.’



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