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Fatal attack on gay rights activist Clément Meric caught on tape

French police are claiming to have obtained video to help bring the 18-year-old's murderers to justice
Clement Meric, 18, was left brain dead after an attack in France. Now, CCTV images of the attack appear to have been revealed.

Police have obtained video showing the moment gay rights and anti-fascist activist Clément Meric was attacked and left braindead by skinheads in Paris.

Three weeks after the French left-wing 18-year-old was killed in a confrontation with far-right thugs, radio station RTL have claimed police have got their hands on surveillance shedding light on what may have exactly happened.

On 5 June, Meric was killed after an argument broke out when a group of left-wing activists met a gang of right-wing extremists.

At a private clothing sale in an apartment on Rue Caumartin, the confrontation escalated and Meric was punched unconscious. He was pronounced dead the following day.

It was initially believed there were no CCTV images of the attack, but now it has emerged a street surveillance camera managed to capture the fatal clash.

Police are now hoping it will give them the evidence they need to bring Meric’s murderers to justice.

According to RTL and The Local, the video appears to show Meric confronting his attacker. As he approaches, the skinhead turns and throws a punch, striking Meric in the face. The blow knocked him unconscious.

He immediately fell to the ground but did not receive further punches and kicks as was initially believed, the radio station claims.

However according to French daily Liberation, sources close to the investigation claim the police do not share the version of events as presented by RTL.

According to the newspaper, the video only shows Meric being kicked by several youths.

Esteban Morillo, in his 20s, was arrested in the aftermath of the fight along with four other skinheads including a 32-year-old woman.

Morillo, who admits to punching Meric, insists he did not mean to kill the student. He will likely face manslaughter charges.

A vigil for the murdered teen was attended by thousands of people two weeks ago.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has vowed to ‘eradicate this kind of violence, which bears the mark of the extreme right.’

It is not the only occurrence of anti-gay violence and protest to happen recently.

During the French Open, a band of topless homoerotic men from Les Hommen held banners and one, with ‘Kids Right’ written in English on his stomach, even fired off a flare and interrupted a match between Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer.

The first same-sex marriage in France took place in Montpellier under tight security on 29 May.

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